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menu lets you see dishes before you order them. It's aiming to replace offline menus and allowing to discover food visually.


Where everything starts

Find a venue nearby

When you open menu nearby restaurants will be shown. Of course you also can do a search or add new venues.


Scan logo to open menu

We assume that restaurants will be still presenting their offline menu to customers. That's not bad for us. We use it as a kind of QR code and allow users to open the digital version with all the nice stuff.

Browsing menus

It’s fun to use

menu tries to mirror the real menu types of a venue. We don't want to force you or even venue owners into a predefined system. So we designed it to be as flexible as a yoga teacher.


Updates made easy

Add missing menus

If you discover that a menu type is missing (e.g. a venue has now also a separate ice cream menu) you can easily add it and by doing this share the added info with all following users.


Add menus by photo

Not everybody wants to add menus manually. So you have just to take a photo of each page and we'll make a digital copy of the menu within 48 hours. So the next users will have easy access to it.


Add menus by photo

We assume that nobody wants to add menus manually. So users have just to take a photo of each site and we'll make a digital copy of the menu within 24 hours so the next users will have access to it.

We love to organize 

Dive into the menus

The different menu types open in a nice accordion animation to make the structure of each menu simple and easy-understandable.


We're getting to the sweet stuff

Explore dishes by picture...

Photos of dishes are menus core feature. Since we love taking food pics – and we bet you do too – menu becomes better every day. Ask yourself if you've ever taken a photo of a dish...

What did Jony say? Edge to edge design? Got it!

...and take detailed looks

No more guesses what to expect from an order. In fact, menus are one of the few things in life offering something you agree to pay before you see it. Did you ever buy a mug without knowing how it looks like?

And for our jet setters: No approximate Google translation in your own language when you’re abroad? The saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words” right? So just look at the dishes’ pictures to make your choice.

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You know how it works, but we've made it even better

Review orders and photos

Satisfied or disappointed, tell the world! Reviews of orders are the best way for other customers to make the best choice but also for restaurant owners to improve their cuisine!

Some people say: “It's a wikipedia for foodies”

Easily improve entries

If you think the entry is wrong or not accurate enough? No problem – you can easily update the content.


Give food pics a context #instagram

Add new photos

If you are the first person to order a particular dish or you aren’t satisfied with the available pictures, just add an own without any effort. Of course you can use menu to share your foodie life on social networks as well.

P.S.: If you ever come to Berlin, check out "Chén Chè" where this picture was taken


Get some data out of your orders

Remember and track

menu is the simplest way to remember what you ordered in the past.


Get the app today, it's free!

For now, we start with the basics but big data is waiting. Users can save and track their orders from the past. After all, we are what we eat, aren't we? We're thinking of adding nutrition information and so on...

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iOS only, Android in production


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